Like other organisations, St Thomas Church, in the form of the Priest-in-Charge and PCC, needs to have all the necessary permissions to process (including holding) personal information (including names and contact details).  In some cases legitimate interest is sufficient authority but to be sure of compliance with the new law, we are asking all members of the congregation whose names are in any church records to fill in a consent form.

The form provides an opportunity for people to indicate how they prefer to be contacted by the church.  Consent can be easily withdrawn at any time.  Details of the purposes for which personal information may be held and used are set out in the Privacy Notice.

In the case of role holders in respect of whom the church needs to process certain data so that they can perform their roles, the consent and withdrawal does not apply in respect of such data.  For this the church cannot rely on the consent form but on ‘legitimate interest’ and there is a separate privacy notice .  

You can either print off a consent form here, or forms are available in church on the table near the door.  Please send a copy of  the completed form to the Parish Office, or put in the box in church by the door. The box will be emptied frequently by the PCC Secretary, for security.  The forms will be stored securely in the Parish Office.

Any questions about this can be addressed to:

Roger Evernden, Churchwarden                            (01892 536972)

Revd Rachel Wilson                                                (01892 525869)