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Christians believe that we live in a world and universe created by God, who cares deeply for his creation and particularly for humanity.

Christians believe that God became Man for us in His Son, Jesus Christ, who came and lived among us, fully human and also divine, showing us both the nature of God and also expressing God’s love for us by dying on a cross and rising again, in order that we might have eternal life. In Jesus’s teaching, recorded in the four Gospels in the Bible, we have an insight into God’s purpose and his expectations of us.

God – at work in the world today

Christians believe that God is at work today in his world through the power and inspiration of his Holy Spirit, which can transform our ordinary lives so that we can help build the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.


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St Thomas’ Church, like all Christian churches, has several functions:

  • Worship –  through prayer, reading Scripture, music and action we show our respect and love for God and give thanks for what he has done for us through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ
  • Teaching – through listening to the words of the Bible, preaching, and our own study, we strive to deepen our faith and understanding of God’s plan for us, as well as sharing our faith with others
  • Fellowship and service -  through supporting each other and sharing our common beliefs we strengthen our Christian life of commitment to serve those in need and to express compassion for all God’s people
  • Helping to transform the world – through speaking out against injustice and wrong where we see it, sharing God’s love and working for justice and peace
  • To treasure God’s creation through acting as good stewards of what he has provided                       

Following the example of Jesus in our lives

As Christians, we strive to follow the teaching and example of Jesus in the way we live our lives.  Often, like all human beings, we fall short of this high calling.  However, we believe strongly in the nature of God to forgive, which was expressed so lovingly in Jesus’ life and teaching, and we wish to tell all people of God’s love, forgiveness and hope which he offers so freely to any who will put their trust in him.

Why not join us in exploring?

We invite you and all who would seek to know more about the ‘new life’ offered by God, through Jesus Christ, to join us here in the exploration and expression of our faith.  If you are particularly interested in exploring further, then why not contact Revd Rachel?  She can chat to you and help you work out where might be a good place to start.

We, like you, are all on a special journey, or pilgrimage, with Jesus as our guide, friend and saviour.