This course is a resource to help people explore the Christian faith, using paintings and Biblical story as the starting points. It has been created by St. Martin-in-the-Fields in partnership with the National Gallery.  There are 2 groups meeting once a month.

You will be welcome at any of the meetings. Each session stands alone, so don't be worried if you cannot make them all. We are happy if you would like to just try one out. Printed copies of the Bible story will be provided.

The leaders of each group will be two out of Tina Clay, Martin Clay, Sue Ellman and Roger Evernden and Ann Ebbels. 

For 2019, we are looking at the Life of Jesus.


This group meets at 7 pm for one hour in church (or possibly the Parish Office).  If you wish, you can stay for a short said Compline service at 8 pm.

The dates of meetings for 2019 are:

21st Jan
18th Feb
18th March
20th May
17th June
15th July
16th Sep
21st Oct
18th Nov


A light lunch is available from 12.45 in the Parish Room. The session will start at 1.30 pm and end by 2.30 pm. To help with numbers for food, please sign up on the notice at the back of church or email

The dates of meetings for 2019 are:

25th Jan
22nd Feb
22nd March (at 12 noon)
24th May
21st June
19th July
20th Sep
25th Oct
22nd Nov


JAN                Baptism of Jesus,  Mark 1:1-12

                      Baptism of Jesus

                      Giovanni di Paulo, 1454 (NG5451)

FEB                Parables—the Good Samaritan,  Luke 10: 25-37

                      The Good Samaritan

                      Jacapo Bassano, 1562-3 (NG277)

MAR Martha & Mary, Luke 10:38-42

Christ in the House of Martha & Mary

Diego Velasquez  1618 (NG1375)

MAY The Healing of the Man born blind,  John 9:1-12

The Healing of the Man born blind

Duccio  1307/8-11 (NG1140)

JUN Jesus Cleanses the Temple , Mark 11:4-12,15-9

Christ driving traders from the Temple

El Greco 1600  (NG1457)

JUL The Last Supper, - John 13:1-17

Christ washing the Feet of the Disciples

Jacob Tintoretto 1575-80 (NG1130)

 SEP Gethsemane,  Matthew 26:36-54

The Agony in the Garden

Giovanni Bellini, 1465 (NG726)

 OCT The Trial of Jesus, Matthew 26:57-68

Christ Before The High Priest

Gerrit Von Honthorst,  1617 (NG3679)

 NOV The Cross,  Luke 23:26-38

Christ carrying the Cross

Venetian?, 1500  (NG6655)

(You can use the NG refs to find the paintings in the National Gallery.)


The plan is for 2020 is to continue our journey through the Bible, start with the Resurrection, and look at Acts, Peter, Paul and Revelation.


If you have any queries about the course, you can contact