This course is a resource to help people explore the Christian faith, using paintings and Biblical story as the starting points. It has been created by St. Martin-in-the-Fields in partnership with the National Gallery.  There are 2 groups meeting once a month, starting in February 2018.

You will be welcome at any of the meetings. Each session stands alone, so don't be worried if you cannot make them all. We are happy if you would like to just try one out. Printed copies of the Bible story will be provided.

The leaders of each group will be two out of Tina Clay, Martin Clay, Angela Dewar, Sue Ellman and Roger Evernden. 


This group meets at 7 pm for one hour in church.  If you wish, you can stay for a short said Compline service at 8 pm.

The dates of meetings for 2018 are:

19th Feb
19th March
16th April
21st May
18th June
16th July
17th Sep
15th Oct
19th Nov


This group meets at 1 pm in the Parish Room.  It will start with soup or a sandwich, and end by 2.30 pm. To help with numbers for food, please sign up on the notice at the back of church or email

The dates of meetings for 2018 are:

23rd Feb
23rd March
20th April
25th May
22nd June
20th July
21st Sep
19th Oct
23rd Nov


FEB        Creation,      Genesis 1:1-5, 1: 24-28, 1:31-2:1
              God the Father
              Massacio (attrib)), 1430-40

MAR       The Fall, Genesis 2:15– 3.13
                Adam and Eve
                Jean Gossart  1520

APR        Abraham & Isaac,  Genesis 22: 1-14
              Abraham and Isaac
              Johann Olivier, 1817

MAY      Moses and the Law, Exodus 32:11-20
                The Worship of Egyptian Bull God
                 Follower of Filippino Lippi, around 1500

JUN       The Exile/Psalms, Psalm 137
               Beach Scene
               Gustave Courbet, 1874

JUL        The Prophets,  1 Kings19: 1-18
              Landscape with Elijah and the Angel
              Gaspard Dughet, about 1663

SEP        The Annunciation, Luke 1: 26-38
              The Annunciation
              Fra Filippino Lippi,  1450-3

OCT        Visiting Elizabeth,  Luke 1: 39– 56
                The Visitation
                Pfullendorf Altarpiece/Rogier van der Weyden

NOV        The Birth of Jesus,  Luke 2: 1-20
                Mystic Nativity
                Sandro Botticelli 1500


The plan is for 2019 to continue with the Gospels and the life of Jesus, and for 2020 to start with the Resurrection, and look at Acts, Peter, Paul and Revelation.


If you have any queries about the course, you can contact