•  Welcome to St Thomas Church, Southborough

    A lively, 'middle-of-the-road' Anglican church


    To live the love of God,

    in the Way of Christ Jesus

    in our parish and community.



    Views of St Thomas’s Church, Pennington Road, Southborough, Kent. TN4 0SH

    A welcome by the Vicar, the Rev James Wheeler

    You will be warmly welcomed at St.Thomas's, a 'middle-of-the-road' Anglican church, whose focus is the life, teaching and on-going love of Jesus Christ.   Our church has served this corner of Southborough since 1860.

    For three Sundays in each month our worship is centred on the eucharist , and once a month we have a non-communion, family service, involving all ages, both in the planning and the enjoyment of the service.

    We sing enthusiastically, work at our praying and reach out in inclusiveness and mutual support.

    You are very welcome to our lively church.




    Events during the week

    19 October

    Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity

    8 am The Eucharist

    10.30 am   Parish Eucharist with Baptism

    Ark - Today "Moses in Egypt -

    The Great Escape"


    20 October



    9 am   Morning Prayer

    8pm  Pilgrim Study Group (2 Chestnut Avenue)






    21 October

    9 am  Morning Prayer

    7 pm   Guides

    7.45 pm  PCC




    22 October

    10 am  Parent and Toddler Group

    10.30 am   Holy Communion (BCP)




    23 October

    9 am   Morning Prayer

    7 pm   Choir Practice




    24 October

    5.30 pm  Brownies

    7.30 pm  Guides

    26 October

    Last Sunday after Trinity

    8 am   The Eucharist

    10.30 am   Parish Eucharist and Ark

    12.30 pm  Poverty Lunch



    25 October



    Forthcoming Events

    Sunday 2 November 4 pm:   Annual Memorial Service



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    Vicar: Revd James Wheeler   Tel. 01892 529624

    Parish Administrator: Andrea Burgess

    Church Office: Tel 01892 617398

    email: saintthomas1860@btinternet.com